Becoming a Reiki Master


Learning the natural and gentle art of Reiki can not only help you heal others, its extremely powerful and useful in helping you heal yourself. 

Marnie's Usui Reiki Workshops provide you with the opportunity to continue with your own spiritual evolution and growth. Learning Reiki will help you clear your own emotional, spiritual, mental and physical blocks; either ones you came into this world with or ones you picked up along the way,  and it may also help clear your own psychic channels. 

Reiki has been well-known for helping highly sensitive people and Empaths to become more grounded too. Within these courses you will learn about healing practices, the body's energy fields, the role of gemstones, the importance of chakras, symbols and their meanings and the tools and information needed to be a conduit of light to help heal other people as they venture through their life's path. 

Healing yourself while you learn to heal others. Isn't that a gift you'd life to share with the world? And isn't that a gift you'd love to give yourself. Contact Marnie today for more information on the benefits of Reiki and the pivotal role it can play in your own life,


Marnie knows first hand how difficult the journey of healing can be and what it truly takes to clear your pain and allow the light of love and peace to enter into your own mind and soul. Because of this, Marnie also offers her Reiki students Reiki Coaching as they mentor though their Reiki Journey with her. Marnie can also offer business coaching during your program. This will be a separate set of coaching sessions. Please see the store page for more information.