About Marnie Hill Reiki Master

Not only is Marnie a well-known and sought out medium, and clairvoyant, she is also an exceptional spiritual healer and loves to offer Reiki healing sessions, when she's not delivering messages from the afterlife. Marnie has been teaching and providing  Reiki healing to individuals since 2008. 

One day while quietly sitting in meditation, Marnie was in physical pain and discomfort and she had no idea what was going on and there was no diagnosis. In her meditation she asked God and her angels for guidance....and something amazing happened. LOUD AND CLEAR, MARNIE HEARD THE WORD REIKI. 

Because the answer was so unmistakable, she immediately stopped her meditation and proceeded to research what Reiki was all about (she had never even heard the word before that day!). Her search led her to instantly register for all the courses she could find. She didn't know why.....she just knew she was supposed to do it. 

This ancient form of healing immediately brought "miracles" to Marnie's life. She knew if it enhanced her own life this dramatically, it could be used in combination with her other gifts to heal the lives of other people. 

Today, Marnie is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, passing on her knowledge and healing to others. 

Marnie is also a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Life Coach Practitioner & Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

Personal message from Marnie

My calling in this life is to bring hope and healing to hurting people. I do this in a number of ways. One way I bring my light into this world is through my Reiki healing. I truly believe Reiki changed my life, perhaps maybe even helped save it.  Energy healing may well be one of Gods gifts to this hurting world.